[OSM-talk] Walking Routes - wiki needs some work?

Claudius Henrichs claudius.h at gmx.de
Mon Jan 19 18:08:43 GMT 2009

Am 19.01.2009 14:17, Mike Harris:
> I have made some edits on your page as a starter for 10 - but feel that I
> should have probably put comments somewhere else. Could you advise me on
> protocol and procedure as I would be more than happy to contribute to this
> discussion.

Don't hesitate, just do it! as long as you are not just deleting large 

And let me just add a general hint not to use the wiki article page as a 
discussion page like.

"Tagging walking hiking Node Networks
Do these exist anywhere?
   Yes, in Belgium and the Netherlands there are a number of these networks"

That's what the discussion page is for. Rather rewrite the sentence 
preferably with a link:

"Tagging walking hiking Node Networks
Belgium and the Netherlands has some of these: See here and here"

Happy wiki-editing,

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