[OSM-talk] Up-to-Date, Minutely Mapnik Bookmarklet

sylvain letuffe liste at letuffe.org
Thu Jan 22 15:06:53 GMT 2009

> The osm.xml files are largely the same (I think I'm out of date by a
> couple commits, but they're the same other than that). 

Many thanks for the wiki page, strangely, I was working on the exact same 
thing at the same time ;-)

Seams we came accross to almost the same tools and solution.

My question now, if it please you to give a little technical details, is :

- how big is your rendering server ?
- can you hold the load for several users ?
- are you using mod_tile ? 
- do you have cache on tiles ?

Sylvain Letuffe liste at letuffe.org
qui suis-je : http://slyserv.dyndns.org

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