[OSM-talk] HowTo : Import from .shp (ESRI) (or convert to .osm )

Steven Le Roux steven at le-roux.info
Fri Jan 23 00:24:01 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I announed some day ago that I could use data from my urban community
(group of city). (if you want a preview of coverage :

After a rendez-vous, it occurs it all the data from the city that I
can import ! it's really great... BUT :

all the files are .shp .dbf etc... from ESRI software. I can use them
into QGis, but what are the different ways to convert in a .osm to
upload with josm for example.

I am looking for experience from guys who have already imported datas
just like these.

I have shapefiles with both POI (red light, recyble bin,etc...) and
polygon datas (parking, school, building, landuse...).

Files are binary files... I could convert to csv, and make a script,
but I guess there are already solutions being...

Any clue ?

Steven Le Roux
Jabber-ID : Steven at jabber.fr
0x39494CCB <steven at le-roux.info>
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