[OSM-talk] Can not remove a way from a relation

Gerda og Carsten gerdaogcarsten at toensberg.dk
Fri Jan 23 20:49:16 GMT 2009

> > It might be helpful to know what the error is.  The console output of
> > JOSM might be interesting, too.
> >
> >   
I have placed Console end error out put here:
And a bitmap of the dialog I see can be found here:
The text in the dialog is in danish but translates to something like
"Transfer is canceled due to an error (waiting five seconds)412 Precond"

> > You get the error after a fresh download of the relation?  Such a huge
> > relation has a large potential for conflicting edits because many
> > people might want to edit it at the same time.  However, I can't
> > really think of why uploading a new version of a relation could create
> > a conflict for the API.
> >   
Yes in order to reprouce the problem I launsh JOSM, load the area from
abookmark, requests a validation selects the way 4596756
removes the relation attribute from the way, accepts the dialog and
Uploads the data to the server.

> > Maybe JOSM runs into a timeout with a large object like this when the
> > server is under load.  Again, what is the error
It seems like the relation have not been modifed since 20th january so
an upload conflict should not be the reason.


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