[OSM-talk] Can not remove a way from a relation

Erik Lundin erik.lundin at aol.se
Tue Jan 27 20:46:50 GMT 2009


I had a similar problem earlier this month. The correspondence can be 
found in the mail archives: 

The problem is that JOSM gets an error while uploading a relation that 
references a non-existent way. I wrote a little perl script to find 
relations referencing non-existent ways or ways referencing non-existent 
nodes. Using the script I found that the relation (21359) contains a 
reference to way 8135282, which was deleted on January 5th 
(http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/8135282/history). I tried to 
remove the way from the relation, but get the same error while uploading.

Last time it was Frederik Ramm who removed the reference to the 
non-existent way 
so maybe he knows how to do.


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