[OSM-talk] Deleting way from a relation

Gerda og Carsten gerdaogcarsten at toensberg.dk
Fri Jan 23 22:55:37 GMT 2009

Richard Bullock skrev:
> I've deleted the duplicate ways - I hope that was what you wanted to do. 
Thanks, that was exactly what I wanted to do.

> Presumably if there are duplicate ways everywhere (and I found 11 duplicates 
> on top of each other in the UK where the route relation E20 had been 
> created) - then this relation can be slimmed down anyway just by removing 
> excess ways.
I also saw the problem with E20 at another place in Denmark (on the
island Fyn), in that case I did delete it with Potlach,
but it is more complicated with potlach in cases where the ways are
using exactly the same nodes and the '/' won't work.

Maybe the E20 relation have grown too big ?
At what size should it be considered to break a relation into nested
relations ?


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