[OSM-talk] Deleting way from a relation

Matthias Julius lists at julius-net.net
Fri Jan 23 22:10:12 GMT 2009

"Richard Bullock" <rb357 at cantab.net> writes:

> In JOSM it gave a 412 Precondition Failed response - and didn't delete the 
> way from the relation. So I opened Potlatch and it deleted it without any 
> problem.
> I've deleted the duplicate ways - I hope that was what you wanted to do. 
> Presumably if there are duplicate ways everywhere (and I found 11 duplicates 
> on top of each other in the UK where the route relation E20 had been 
> created) - then this relation can be slimmed down anyway just by removing 
> excess ways.

I suspect this was caused by a data inconsistency in the DB where the
relation was referencing a way that did not exist.  This could be why
the API refused to accept the upload from JOSM (It would certainly
helpful if the API was a little bit more verbose with its error

I don't know how Potlatch deals with that through its private API.


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