[OSM-talk] uStream .tv broadcast 2pm PST 5pm EST - geobase import

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 21:58:05 GMT 2009

for step 8, the correct word is MERGE (not purge).
Meaning where we can merge our address book with  hotmail when we
import a new csv file, the system checks for similar values; like
names; like address; like phone number.
So in this case; its the long/lat coordinates that it would check for.
In the case where the OSM (or import) is WAY OFF, then it would check
for the same 'name or other OSM tag' to decide if its a match. -but
coodinates get checked 1st.
-unfortunatly, the only program that can do this is ArchGIS (i think)
-is there any opensource equivelant that can do this?

ps on reply, no need to cc talk list, as this is getting off topic

On 1/25/09, Greg Troxel <gdt at ir.bbn.com> wrote:
> For government/bulk imports -where we know that updates are available;
>   how is it dealt with?
> I was just thinking about this; there is a lot of MassGIS data now, and
> some of it is wrong (wrong location, streets that don't actually exist),
> although 99.8% of it seems very good.  I've edited classification of
> highway, and added names.  So I think this is really 3-way merge
> process, and there needs to be something that looks at each item in the
> new dump, finds any previous import, and checks if it has been modified.
> If not, apply the new change to the object, and if so, it's harder.
> That doesn't sound like what you are proposing, but I didn't quite
> follow.

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