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Mon Jan 26 09:15:07 GMT 2009

I agree with Matthias in general (except to suggest that the usage is British English as well). However, I would also suggest that the word 'driveway' is sometimes used for a much longer paved way used by vehicles for access to a property or amenity - in which case mapping would seem sensible. All a matter of judgement and common sense. I would map the 1 km driveway to a remote farmhouse but not the few metres to my own garage!

A final complication is that there is an additional American-English usage in which the word is used to describe a scenic route - in which case it would IMHO call for a route relation.

As for individual trees - I wouldn't, unless of special historic interest and perhaps named - like the "Major Oak" in the Sherwood Forest under which Robin Hood is said to have sheltered with his merry men (and Maid Marian - or should that be "made" (;>)).

Same with houses - I would not normally record individual properties in a built-up residential area but would often try to record isolated named properties that act as a landmark in a  rural area.

This is only what I do - it may be wrong as I am relatively new here - so tell me, please, and I will amend my wicked ways!

Mike Harris

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Ulf Lamping <ulf.lamping at googlemail.com> writes:

> First of all, you should NEVER remove anything from the database, 
> unless you have made certain by your own eye that the object in 
> question is an error and not existing in reality! Even than take care 
> not to remove anything marked as abandoned or alike, that marks this 
> object was once here and the info is kept for historical reasons.

Yes, renderers and other applications can then choose whether they want to use that information or not.

> Here in germany we are simply not asking if something should be 
> included! People in densely mapped areas are starting to map single 
> trees and litter bins - not all of us doing so, but that's not the 
> point here.
> How this should be tagged depends on what's on the ground. Please have 
> a look at: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Map_Features
> It indicates to use highway=service together with service=driveway.
> Funnily enough, I don't have a clear understanding what a driveway 
> actually is, seems to be an american english specific term?

It's typically a piece of pavement that connects the road with peoples garage door.  Of course, the pavement and the garage are optional.

In German I would probably say "Grundstückseinfahrt".


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