[OSM-talk] mapping driveways

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Jan 26 10:56:29 GMT 2009

> This is only what I do - it may be wrong as I am relatively new
> here - so tell me, please, and I will amend my wicked ways!

I've not been tempted to add nodes for trees yet, though there is a sign on a lamppost near here regarding tree preservation orders where specifically numbered trees are referred to (I think you need the council 1:5000 or whatever scale they use plans to see which they are). 

I have added a few driveways; not yet for individual properties, but those that tend to lead to a shared area of garages. Actually, I did map one to an individual property in Georgia, USA when I was tracing from Yahoo imagery and doing the area where my sister lived to demonstrate OSM to her and her husband when I saw them at Christmas. That was quite a long one though.

In terms of housing I haven't done anything in this area, but I have relatives in the Church Langley area of Harlow and as the roads that have been GPS traced seem to align well with the Yahoo imagery have traced some properties in that area in Potlatch (and then orthogonalized them in JOSM):
Adding a few more houses gives me a way to contribute to the map when I've not been able to get out and generate more GPS based traces. If you think of the OS 1:25,000 level maps they tend to show buildings, and I would love to be able to produce more detailed maps of this area than their 1:25,000 series.

Another thing I'd like to do is be able to produce street atlases in some way. The one that we own for Clacton is so out of date it's fairly useless. New roads have been added, one way systems reversed, roads closed or restricted. I'm sure tools will be developed at some point. It's not so much the rendering that is the issue (I had a little play with Kosmos), but overlaying a grid on each page and generating the street name index at the back, with the correct page number and grid square entries. I wouldn't really like to do it as a manual task.


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