[OSM-talk] Controlling Label Position

Kærast kaerast at newscloud.com
Mon Jan 26 18:04:48 GMT 2009


Is there a recognised way of controlling where the label for
leisure=park should go?  At the moment it's rendering right over the
top of the bandstand and I would like to be able to shift it to
somewhere out of the way.  The wiki suggests that relation role=label is
theoretically what I want, but isn't supported in Mapnik (it is in
osmarender, but that's rendering correctly).

Would creating a multipolygon relationship to cut out the bandstand be
enough to shift the label?  It would be technically incorrect, and
would be tagging for the renderer, but it just looks ugly in Mapnik at
the moment.

for the location I'm talking about specifically.  The bandstand looks
like it is called Lister Park whereas it is infact the entire park
which is called Lister Park.


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