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Linus Lüssing linus.luessing at web.de
Wed Jan 28 22:26:31 GMT 2009

Dear OSM-mailinglist!

In my opinion Freifunk and OpenStreetMap are both very good and valuable
public services run by eager indivuals. However, I'm wondering, if these
public services shouldn't be interconnected with each other a bit more.
So far, most Freifunk-communities are mostly using Google for
visualising the nodes and connections between these nodes on a map,
which does not really suite the Freifunk ideology in my opinion.
Therefore I propose the following new tags for a mesh-node in general
and the connections between mesh-nodes in OSM. This is just a first
draft, so comments are appreciated and welcome (and not only from the
German Freifunk community, but also from other
wireless-meshing-communities all over the world).

Tags for a Mesh-Node:
amenity - "wireless mesh network" -> Tag a point as an Access Point for
wireless mesh networks
community - "Freifunk" -> What is the name of the community the user is
identifying with?
mode - "adhoc" (mesh/managed) -> Which wlan mode is this Access Point
using? Adhoc? Or the mesh-mode in the new Linux-kernel-versions?
protocol - "B.A.T.M.A.N.", "B.A.T.M.A.N.-Adv", "OLSR", "OLSRv2" ->
protocol used by the node to set up network/mesh
IP:v4 - "" -> IPv4-address of the node
IP:v6 - "fdca:ffee:babe:25c3:218:84ff:2891:ee14:23a5" -> IPv6-address of
the node
essid - "leipzig.freifunk.net" -> the essid of the local community
channel - "1" -> wlan channel of the node
altitude - "10" -> in meters over sea-level
hardware - "Linksys WRT54GL"
firmware - "OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09_RC1"
antenna:type - "Biquad-antenna", "standard"
antenna:direction - "180"  -> in degree from 0-360 (0=north, 90=east,
180=south, 270=west, or "omni")
antenna:gain - "14" -> in dBi
contact:email - "mymail at foobar.net" -> contact email of the node owner
services - "FTP" (HTTP, ...) -> services this nodes or opens to
description -   -> Further description details (if needed)

Tags for connections between nodes:
highway - "data"
type - "wireless"
oneway - "yes", "no" (omitting this tag implies "no")
(and maybe some more tags that characterise the quality of the link,
maybe packetloss in percent, latency in ms, average throughput in
(connection:bandwidth - 1000 -> average throughput in kbit/s)
(connection:latency - 120 -> latency in ms)
(connection:loss - 5 -> packet loss in percent)

PS: This is just for implementing a way to collect the data yet. How the
data will be rendered later is not part of this proposal (yet).
PPS: So far, the idea is, that every person who is running a node and
wants to publish this will have to do this manually in OSM first. But I
could also imagine an implementation in the firmwares themselves for
adding parts of the details automatically. The connections between the
nodes could be probed, measured and uploaded to OSM in certain periods
of time. (Transmitting the link details every hour wouldn't harm the
database, would it? The big advantage of this would also be, to be able
to visualise the growth of a mesh-network over time.)
PPPS: Tagging nodes, that offer an internet-connection is explicitely
not part of this proposal (yet) as this would probably cause a
wide-ranging discussion about legal and legitimate sides. These nodes
shall just help in visualising, analysing and monitoring the internal
infrastructure of a public wlan-mesh (which might be comparable with
public streets, but just for data).
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