[OSM-talk] Wiki: chriscf vandalism

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jan 30 20:47:24 GMT 2009


    the German community takes offence at user:chriscf's deletion of the 
"smoothness" voting result from "approved features" and moving it to 
"rejected features" in spite of of there having been a proper vote with 
an "approved" outcome.

The page "Proposed_features/Smoothness" still calls this feature "approved".

I am not in favour of this tag in any way; I am just relaying this 
message from a discussion on talk-de. (But it would surely never occur 
to me to simply remove a tag from "approved features" just because I 
don't like it.)

Would user:chriscf please explain his actions on this mailing list.


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