[OSM-talk] Wiki: chriscf vandalism

Sven Rautenberg sven at rtbg.de
Sat Jan 31 09:14:15 GMT 2009

Richard Fairhurst schrieb:
> Frederik Ramm wrote:
>>    the German community takes offence at user:chriscf's deletion 
>> of the  "smoothness" voting result from "approved features" and 
>> moving it to "rejected features" in spite of of there having been 
>> a proper vote with an "approved" outcome.
> Then the German community should come to this, non-localised mailing list
> and have the cojones to say so.

Frederik as a member of the german community just did so.

And if this is not enough for you: I take offense in chriscf's action as
well. No matter how much I like this tag, his action is simply unacceptable.

And now? ...

> Chris has had the courage of his convictions to stand up against an utterly
> ridiculous tag, thereby pointing out the flaws in a voting system which a
> lot of us are silently unhappy with. Good luck to him.

Edit war on the wiki?


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