[OSM-talk] Wiki: chriscf vandalism

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sat Jan 31 14:10:41 GMT 2009

Sven Rautenberg wrote:
> Richard Fairhurst schrieb:
>> Frederik Ramm wrote:
>>>    the German community takes offence at user:chriscf's deletion 
>>> of the  "smoothness" voting result from "approved features" and 
>>> moving it to "rejected features" in spite of of there having been 
>>> a proper vote with an "approved" outcome.
>> Then the German community should come to this, non-localised mailing list
>> and have the cojones to say so.
> Frederik as a member of the german community just did so.
> And if this is not enough for you: I take offense in chriscf's action as
> well. No matter how much I like this tag, his action is simply unacceptable.
> And now? ...
>> Chris has had the courage of his convictions to stand up against an utterly
>> ridiculous tag, thereby pointing out the flaws in a voting system which a
>> lot of us are silently unhappy with. Good luck to him.
> Edit war on the wiki?

I think the main problem here is the fact that the MAJORITY of
contributors do not have English as a first language, and so the
original decision to make English the 'accepted standard' was the
suspect one. And since English is my ONLY language I don't think I have
any bias in this.

The 'consensus' has supposedly been that all tags should be in English,
so any tags not providing a clean English definition are - in theory -
not acceptable. BUT there is no real control on how that rule is
implemented? And since very few people get involved with votes, the core
structure does seem to be under strain.

I'd like to reinstate a proposal that I made some years ago, but which
was shot down as not being acceptable 'XML'. The problem that I STILL
see is translating some of the CORE tags between languages, so rather
than having an English base, and translation tables, why not have a
simple numeric entry against a tag for the APPROVED options on a tag?
These would be locked down in some agreed way, and each language can
have it's own interpretation of what a numeric tag signifies, but the
rendering would be to an agreed format against the numbers - although I
can see country specific aspects for local display such as selection of
colour coding for roads, etc.

RANDOM tag entries would still be allowed as plain text, but until a
firm consensus appears they would not move to locked down entries.

This still does not get around the problem of 'sub-tags' such as
smoothness for road condition, but would allow the potential for more
practical implementation of additional data such as 'road condition' and
other areas where on the whole the local interpretation of something
like that may be totally inappropriate in another country?

While not wanting to propose a dictatorship, I do wonder if it isn't
about time that we had a 'standards committee' with members elected from
the different talk groups to have the final vote on what gets promoted
from random text to supported - translated tag?

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