[OSM-talk] Wiki: chriscf vandalism

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Sat Jan 31 15:58:45 GMT 2009

Nop wrote:
> Well, you are proposing a differnt kind of vote by usage of tags.

Not solely. Lemme explain.

At present, we have Tagwatch, which just lists usage per tag. I'm suggesting
(just as a half-baked idea) that we have a sort of floaty
cloud-Tagwatch-on-steroids. So you might have:


     - values used: paved (145222), unpaved (74006), gravel (20081), 
         cobblestone (17216), ground (9526), grass (6754), asphalt (3084), 
         sand (1725), paving_stones (876) [...see 27 other values]
     - descriptions: [Fred], [Bill], [HappyMapper], [Sven], [Frogburglar88]
     - additional info:
        - related to: [smoothness], [cyclability], [road_quality]
        - find examples: [map links]
        - discuss this: [wiki link]
        - rendered on: Mapnik, Osmarender, Kosmos

In other words, you augment the tag description with links to people's
explanations of why they're using it. These descriptions (at a standard
place - /User:*/Tags_I_Use - and in a reasonably standard format) get
scraped to give these links and to find related tags. (Maybe we could even
have keywords so you can easily find a tag for the thing you're searching

The important thing is that there is no prescription. No rejected. No
approved. Just easy-to-use documentation of what people are using, why. If
you feel a need for a particular tag, start using it, and document it. If
the tag is good, it'll catch on. It's much more akin to OSM-style
crowdsourcing than the rather Wikipedia-esque procedures we have at the

Then, the people who maintain Map Features can pull out the most popular
tags and descriptions from here; same goes for Potlatch presets, JOSM
presets, and any other lists of tags.

> What the proposal process sorely lacks is the experience and 
> attention of some veteran mappers, so it produces less random 
> results. Why do they not care about it?

Because busy people just want to map, not have to spend hours explaining to
others why they're doing what they're doing. By the same token, I'm kind of
enjoying this discussion but I have the nagging feeling I should really be
spending this time coding instead. ;)

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