[OSM-talk] Move the Map

Peter Dörrie peter.doerrie at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 16 12:04:01 BST 2009

> Ah yeah, those were the days when we didn't have a reliably working
> map on the front page, so we were looking for alternatives (you can
> just make out the map image is the old linework-on-landsat version.
> But that's not an issue any more.

Well, but it is an issue that the map we show off now, is not exactly
feature rich (plain text: is nothing to show off). So I think the discussion
is warranted to either add more bliing bling to the map, or give it a less
dominant status.

I personally prefer the second approach. The map on osm.org is mainly a
working tool. It is not shiny, but it has a purpose and it does itss job
well. So we should present it that way and give the "first row advantage" to
those shiny feature-laden applications that serve well to impress and
convince new people of OSM.

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