[OSM-talk] Move the Map

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jun 16 20:14:00 BST 2009


Kevin Peat wrote:
> I don't think we should drop maps completely from the front page but I think
> we should show more of what is special about the project. 

That's what I was thinking. Whether "the map is the data" or not - 
Google has a map, and it is (currently) more complete and faster than 
ours, it has a better search function and aerial imagery on top of that.

Yes, ours has much more detail, ours is free for the taking and open to 
contributors, ours has a huge community behind it and has the data for 
anyone who cares - but none of THAT is  visible at first glance.

It is probably very hard to make these advantages visible at first 
glance, and we're not marketing or communications experts, but we ought 
to try. This does not mean the map has to vanish from page 1 but I'd 
like to highlight the bits where we are actually better than everyone 
else, rather than just catching up.


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