[OSM-talk] Move the Map

Yann Coupin yann at coupin.net
Tue Jun 16 20:40:38 BST 2009

Maybe we could also leverage the new part of HTML 5 that enables  
geolocation to center the map on the user's current location. I know  
IE doesn't support it yet, but waiting for IE support of a new  
technology is pretty much like saying that you will lag years behind...


Le 16 juin 09 à 21:14, Frederik Ramm a écrit :

> Hi,
> Kevin Peat wrote:
>> I don't think we should drop maps completely from the front page  
>> but I think
>> we should show more of what is special about the project.
> That's what I was thinking. Whether "the map is the data" or not -
> Google has a map, and it is (currently) more complete and faster than
> ours, it has a better search function and aerial imagery on top of  
> that.
> Yes, ours has much more detail, ours is free for the taking and open  
> to
> contributors, ours has a huge community behind it and has the data for
> anyone who cares - but none of THAT is  visible at first glance.
> It is probably very hard to make these advantages visible at first
> glance, and we're not marketing or communications experts, but we  
> ought
> to try. This does not mean the map has to vanish from page 1 but I'd
> like to highlight the bits where we are actually better than everyone
> else, rather than just catching up.

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