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Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Wed Jun 24 02:39:56 BST 2009

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Arlindo Pereira wrote:
> Maybe not the appropriate thread for that, but we could stream the SOTM
> 09 videos with an Symbian S60 phone (such as N95) with Qik
> (http://qik.com/). The software streams video in high quality, so
> everyone can watch them live, leave an MP4 copy on the cellphone and the
> Qik website can automatically publish the video in Youtube when the
> stream has ended. The software is not opensource (nor the
> codec/container), but we can transcode the videos to Ogg Theora.
> If there's an open wireless access point, I can do it with my cellphone.

I posted my thoughts on this subject also to Martijn; I think live
streaming would be trivial if the bandwidth is available for outgoing
broadcasts. My idea was to put an Elphel[1] camera there for recording
and broadcast or do something with dvswitch[2].

If broadcast in IPv6 multicast, the outgoing bandwidth wouldn't be a
problem at all and could always be transcoded at a v4 proxy.


[1] http://www3.elphel.com/
[2] http://dvswitch.alioth.debian.org/wiki/
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