[OSM-talk] Proposed Amenity Reorganization

Alan Millar am12 at bolis.com
Wed Jun 24 18:18:46 BST 2009

>> A reason to do better categorizations would be to ease conversion to
> mobile
>> (or online) routeplanners, which already have some sort of
>> categorization
>> in
>> amenities.
> Please give examples here.
> Are you sure there is just ONE way to categorize and that not
> every second application(not just routeplanner) uses another way
> to categorize things?

Other applications already have their own translation tables if they are
taking OSM data.  I was just looking at osm2navit recently for this very
issue, because nodes marked as amenity=school were rendering, but areas
were not.  It will be the same with all the rest of the other software.

I think cleaning up the categorization is a good idea, but this isn't a
good justification for it.

- Alan

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