[OSM-talk] Tiger data and county lines

Dodi dodi at moonbase.sk
Thu Oct 1 00:12:53 BST 2009

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> Mike N. writes:
>  > JOSM -
>  >   How to select a way underneath another way?  Usually admin
>  > boundaries are selected when trying to select the way.  When there
>  > are 2 duplicate ways and nodes under an admin boundary, this is
>  > very time consuming.
> You're right, it's hard to select two ways when they overlap
> completely.  I find it easiest to add a new node by clicking on a +
> and moving it over just a bit.  That separates out the nodes.  Then I
> delete the duplicate way, and delete the new node I just created, so
> the database gets nothing added to it and the duplicate way deleted.

In JOSM just press middle mouse button, hold down CTRL key, then select
way(s) from popup menu.


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