[OSM-talk] Mobile countryside surveying tool

Kai Krueger kakrueger at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 03:47:28 BST 2009

On 01/10/2009 03:07, John Smith wrote:
> 2009/10/1 Nick Whitelegg<Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk>:
>>> This sounds interesting, but could you describe a bit more what you had
>>> in mind? I would particularly be interested to know how it would differ
>>> to the already existing mobile tools and if it is not possible to add
>>> this functionality to them, given that you can do a fair amount with
>>> them already. If your ideas aren't too radically different, I might be
>>> able to (help) add some of these to GpsMid.
>> A "notes" sort of app, where you could add a geo-located note in a field
>> reading "Hedge to left of path", "Hedge continues to field corner and
>> meets the fence on south side of field", "Path becomes track here",
>> "Another track crosses path", etc: these notes could be uploaded to a
>> server (perhaps OpenStreetBugs) and then made available in JOSM, or
>> Potlatch, as a separate layer.

Would this be possible to do with a simple waypoint that can then be 
exported as a GPX file? Waypoints in GPX also support a comment field, 
that could contain more elaborate notes than would be sensible in the 
standard name of the waypoint.

> What you are describing can be done in a number of ways, you might
> want to consider only storing the OSM data locally on the device and
> then later load it into JOSM, I doubt this information would be useful
> to anyone other than the person creating it in the first place because
> only they would know the context of it.
> I guess the reason you want a J2ME app is because you have a J2ME only
> phone, which phone do you have? and does it have built-in GPS or will
> you need to buy a dongle if you don't have one already?

Having a J2ME only phone is a fairly obvious reason for using j2me. And 
there are plenty of j2me only phones out there. In fact presumably the 
majority of all sold phones! For example the entire range of Sony 
Ericsson (excluding Xperia), or all of the Nokia S40 series phones, 
quite a few of which have an internal GPS module too. But buying an 
external GPS bluetooth dongle isn't all that hard either given that you 
can get some very good ones for 10 - 15 pounds with a bit of luck.

But as mentioned before, portability is another big advantage of j2me. 
For example, we have GpsMid running on phones from Motorola, Sony 
Ericsson, Nokia (both S40 and S60), Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Windows 
mobile phones, as well as on standard commercial SatNav devices (winCE) 
and even on the Sony PlaystationPortable! So if you feel like rewriting 
the code for all of these platforms, be my guest and I am sure we will 
accept patches for it.


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