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Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Thu Oct 1 04:46:23 BST 2009

Dave F. writes:
 > Russ Nelson wrote:
 > > -1.  Don't confuse anarchy with chaos.  SteveC is our leader (and
 > > should behave as such by Giving Advice), but he's only our leader so
 > > far as he gives Good Advice.
 > >
 > >   
 > A leader in an anarchic state? How does that work? ;-)

Exactly as I just described, although perhaps more clearly than that.
SteveC has no power to force me to use 1 for true or -1 for false, or
0 for false.  And yet if SteveC said "folks, let's use yes and no as
binary values, and not 1, 0, or -1." most people would do as he says.
Not because he is forcing them, or is going to take all his marbles
and go home, or is going to dismiss *.*@Cloudmade, or will say bad
words to people.

No, he is a leader because we respect him.  THAT is how leaders in
an anarchic state arise.

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