[OSM-talk] Using osm2pgsql can I import into postgres in a projection other than Spherical Mercator (epsg:900913) like wgs84 (epsg:4326)

Thomas Wood grand.edgemaster at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 23:15:57 BST 2009

$ osm2pgsql --help
osm2pgsql SVN version 0.65-14123

	osm2pgsql [options] planet.osm
	osm2pgsql [options] planet.osm.{gz,bz2}
	osm2pgsql [options] file1.osm file2.osm file3.osm

This will import the data from the OSM file(s) into a PostgreSQL database
suitable for use by the Mapnik renderer

   -a|--append		Add the OSM file into the database without removing
              		existing data.
   -b|--bbox		Apply a bounding box filter on the imported data
              		Must be specified as: minlon,minlat,maxlon,maxlat
              		e.g. --bbox -0.5,51.25,0.5,51.75
   -c|--create		Remove existing data from the database. This is the
              		default if --append is not specified.
   -d|--database	The name of the PostgreSQL database to connect
                	to (default: gis).
   -l|--latlong		Store data in degrees of latitude & longitude.
   -m|--merc		Store data in proper spherical mercator (default)
   -M|--oldmerc		Store data in the legacy OSM mercator format
   -E|--proj num	Use projection EPSG:num
   -u|--utf8-sanitize	Repair bad UTF8 input data (present in planet
                	dumps prior to August 2007). Adds about 10% overhead.
   -p|--prefix		Prefix for table names (default planet_osm)
   -s|--slim		Store temporary data in the database. This greatly
            		reduces the RAM usage but is much slower.
   -S|--style		Location of the style file. Defaults to ./default.style
   -C|--cache		Only for slim mode: Use upto this many MB for caching nodes
             		Default is 800
   -U|--username	Postgresql user name.
   -W|--password	Force password prompt.
   -H|--host		Database server hostname or socket location.
   -P|--port		Database server port.
   -e|--expire-tiles [min_zoom-]max_zoom	Create a tile expiry list.
   -o|--expire-output filename	Output filename for expired tiles list.
   -h|--help		Help information.
   -v|--verbose		Verbose output.

Add -v to display supported projections.
Use -E to access any espg projections (usually in /usr/share/proj/epsg)

2009/10/1 John Mitchell <mitchelljj98 at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Your documentation states for using osm2pqsql (listed below) :
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Before you can use osm2pqsql for the first time with the Spherical Mercator
> projection (see below), you need to initialize configuration data for this
> projection. Do this by running the .sql file included with osm2pqsql:
> [Syntax on Windows]
> $ psql -d gis -f c:\osm2pgsql\900913.sql
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Using osm2pgsql can I import into postgres in a projection other than
> Spherical Mercator (epsg:900913) like wgs84 (epsg:4326)?
> Thanks,
> John
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> John J. Mitchell
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Thomas Wood

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