[OSM-talk] SteveC should decide

Jonas Häggqvist rasher at rasher.dk
Fri Oct 2 00:14:14 BST 2009

Russ Nelson wrote:
 > Frederik Ramm writes:
 > > Not at all. Russ has called for dictatorial leadership which the
 > > project should follow even if there were absolutely nonsensical
 > > decisions.
 > WHOA!!  I never said that.

You did in fact say that:

 > This is just wrong.  If SteveC says that "mountain=green" means that
 > first there is a mountain, and that "mountain=blue" means there is no
 > mountain, then damnit, we should do it that way.

That didn't seem in the spirit of the rest of your post though, so I 
suspect you just didn't quite think that sentence through?

Jonas Häggqvist

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