[OSM-talk] Overlay showing wikipedia links

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 01:40:33 BST 2009

2009/10/1 Tobias Knerr <osm at tobias-knerr.de>:
> Pieren wrote:
>> I never understood people who wants to have wikipedia urls in OSM
>> data. It is not OSM role to point to wikipedia articles but wikipedia
>> to point to OSM geodata. And this has to be done through lat/lon
>> coordinates.
> lat/lon coordinates aren't an ideal solution for this. Imagine some live
> rendering (using JavaScript, Flash or whatever). The programmer wants to
> add the following features:
> - different color for buildings with Wikipedia article
> - mouseover highlighting of buildings
> - clicking on highlighted building opens Wikipedia article
> Can the programmer do that with lat/lon? No. Because lat/lon doesn't
> offer a connection between an article and a certain OSM primitive.
> Similarly, in a map with icons for POIs, you will need to add additional
> icons for Wikipedia links, so you will end up with two icons for the
> same POI. And so on.

and you can have very big features (e.g. an extreme: atlantic ocean),
or strangely shaped ones, where coordinates won't do the job (unless
you give much more than just 1 pair), because the "center" would be
off the object.


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