[OSM-talk] Mobile countryside surveying tool

Someoneelse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Fri Oct 2 02:09:35 BST 2009

The downside of J2ME (at least in the UK, where it rains a lot) is that 
the phones that it runs on tend not to be waterproof.  There are various 
cases available, but they're not cheap.  Maybe a complementary approach 
would be to have something that could work with GPX file from a handheld 
GPS (that doesn't mind getting wet or dropped) and add in notes later to 
the GPX XML based on waypoint number?

The tricky bit would be to work out a way of getting information such as 
"there's a path north of here but no-one's mapped it yet" stored 
somewhere centrally (such as one of the Openstreetbugs-a-likes) and then 
allowing other people to retrieve it.  Currently I update a large GPX 
with where I've been and where I haven't locally (and I'm sure many 
people do something similar), but there's no translation between "what 
the GPS stores" and "what it means".

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