[OSM-talk] Multithread generate_tiles.py, generate_images.py and question about attribution.

Radek Bartoň blackhex at post.cz
Fri Oct 2 17:16:51 BST 2009

Hello everyone.

First of all, I want to share with my two scripts for Mapnik rendering. First 
is a modified version of generate_tiles.py to use multithread rendering. Second 
is a modified generate_image.py to generate large bitmap posters like [1,2]. It 
uses tiled rendering so it's possible to render very large areas with high 
DPI. Only limitation is that whole poster must fit into computer's memory 
during merging and texts drawing because I don't know any image rendering 
library which can draw to memory mapped files or such. See scripts' code and 
comments or ask for detailed information.

Seconly, I would like to ask how should I properly extend an OpenStreetMap 
attribution on the [1,2] to include my name and to mention an OpenTrackMap 
project [3]. Could you give me an advice about this?

Thank you in advance.

[1] - http://blackhex.no-ip.org/raw-attachment/wiki/Files/poster_preview.png - 
OpenTrackMap poster, scaled down to 25% (13.4 MB)
[2] - http://blackhex.no-ip.org/raw-
attachment/wiki/Files/poster_small_preview.png - OpenTrackMap poster, scaled 
down to 10% (2.4 MB)
[3] - http://opentrackmap.no-ip.org/ - OpenTrackMap project homepage.

Ing. Radek Bartoň

Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Brno University of Technology

E-mail: blackhex at post.cz
Web: http://blackhex.no-ip.org
Jabber: blackhex at jabber.cz
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