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Jeremy Adams milenko at king-nerd.com
Sat Oct 3 03:53:57 BST 2009

On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 9:36 PM, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:

> Liz,
> edodd at billiau.net wrote:
> > This is likely to result in several insular communities. In particular I
> > am considering that au mappers would write a tight set of guidelines for
> > mapping and, as an example, we wouldn't have to worry about "residential
> > vs unclassified in rural areas" for any other country - we would define
> > our own strategy and stick to it.
> In general, I think that this is a good thing. You know best how to deal
> with roads in .au; you know what *you* need to map to make the data
> useful for you - and not some tagging committee from England which tries
> to accommodate Argentinia as well. If I, as a tourist, should visit
> Australia, would I prefer a map made by a world-wide consortium who
> tries to streamline every national idiosyncracy into their scheme, or
> would I prefer a map made by locals? I think that's one of the great
> strengths of OSM that we have the local knowledge on our side.
> I have often said, and do so again, that regional diversity is not
> necessarily a bad thing and certainly not something that needs to be
> eradicated for the sake of conformism - it can be dealt with on another
> layer (for example the "likeness" thing that Steve recently mentioned).
> If there is a possible problem with my suggestion then that would not
> regional tagging differences, but various "schools" of tagging evolving
> and being used in one and the same area. But I think that would sort
> itself out come time and anyway, we're not even there yet.
> > If Au does that, and the Argentinians make their own set of preferences,
> > and other groups do the same, we will have a project with multiple forks.
> No, just regional diversity. I would somewhat expect the Australian
> tourist, out of respect, to not apply their home tagging rules when they
> map in Argentinia, but have a look around and do as the locals do. (As
> most of us, I am sure, already do today!)
> Bye
> Frederik
I'm just a regular old mapper, but it's my humble opinion that the data in
the database must be consistent across the whole database.  If different
regions want to use the map for different purposes, display different tags,
etc then they can apply their localization when they create their map.
Otherwise there's no way for applications (routing and otherwise) to know
how to work across the whole globe.

This also allows me or anyone else to use and/or edit data anywhere in the
world without having to know 1500+ different local tagging schemes.

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