[OSM-talk] [tagging] Feature Proposal - Voting - boolean values

Konrad Skeri konrad at skeri.com
Sat Oct 3 08:54:20 BST 2009

> How precisely is that going to end the debate?
> a) Voting isn't the way to do this. It either needs consensus or a
> dictator.

Consensus will never happen and we don't have a dictator, which makes
voting the option left.

> b) Lots of people don't care about some stupid vote on the wiki

There are a lot more mappers, especially newbees, that care a lot more
what's on the wiki guidelines than what is being said in a
50-messages-a-day-thead on a mailing list only saying "i said" "no you
said", and frankly isn't leading us anywhere. But all newbees maybe
are stupid to look something up on the wiki instead of asking on this
list instead?

> c) Who decided the rules for voting?

But then again, you could argue that since it's on the wiki it's
stupid and noone cares about that either.

> d) How are you going to enforce the result, when lots of people will
> simply ignore it?

I'm not. But if the proposal passes the wiki pages could in time
reflect this. And since (like it or not) the wiki is the No 1 source
of choice for a lot of mappers when looking up how to tag a certain
thing we will in time at least have convergence. And while not optimal
it's at least way better than the current situation.

Now, do you have anything constructive at all to add? Or are you just
opposing any idea that doesn't instantly answer the question of life,
universe and everything. (Which is 42 by the way)

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