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Aun Yngve Johnsen lists at gimnechiske.org
Mon Oct 5 15:32:08 BST 2009

EGNOS is just another SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System), and  
with EGNOS 100% active we now have tree such systems, including the  
wider known north american WAAS. I hope more such systems can be  
available soon, knowing that India and China also are developing  
similar systems, and there is one active over Japan, which also are  
developing a different system. Such system is very needed in the  
equatorial regions where atmospheric disturbance such as scintillation  
and plasma-bubble effects are more active and can render a handheld  
GPS completely useless at times, but unfortunately most countries  
suffering from these effects don't have the funds for such a project.  
Next milestone in GPS (or I should say GNSS) accuracy will be the  
activation of Galileo, the European equivalent to GPS. A handheld dual  
GPS/Galileo receiver with active SBAS will give you an accuracy you  
never have seen in a small unit, you can almost compete with  
professional units such as those used in land survey and in the oil  

BTW: GLONASS is also getting more satellites activated, so that is  
almost a reliable alternative to GPS while we wait for Galileo, and  
the chinese plan to activate their COMPASS about same time as Galileo.

Aun Johnsen

On 05/10/2009, at 11:15, Peter Childs wrote:

> I'm sure EGNOS is something else other than the new Euro GPS system,
> but I can't for the life of me remember what, something to do with
> food and Christmas rings a bell but I can't think what.....
> Anyway so EGNOS is now available for use.
> So what new things can we do with this new available accuracy, and
> which devices are EGNOS compatible.... Oh and is it going to achieve
> what they way it will or is it going to be a bit of a flop.
> Oh and I spose the best question If I have an EGNOS GPS can I actual
> use the data on OSM or is there some copyright stopping me.....
> Peter
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