[OSM-talk] Tagging schema

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Tue Oct 6 01:22:42 BST 2009

>> So, I've revised my approach to placing non-rendering shop types on the 
>> building outline where the name= tag will be shown.
> If I understand you correctly your mapping/tagging so the name is 
> displayed along the outline of the shop.

   I add a building=yes which renders the building footprint, and also 
eliminates the name wrapping around the corners.

> Personally I don't like the way the name wraps around corners making it 
> almost impossible to read.

  I try to add something with 'substance' - landuse, etc to eliminate the 
name wraps.

>That's why I don't map for the render & try & wait patiently for them to 
>catch up

   I find it difficult to be a monk who labors away at a mountain of XML 
that may see the light some day.   I also like to show people what I am 
working on - it doesn't need to be fancy, but I also use it to double check 
my work.   Just as reading your essay in reverse helps you catch errors, so 
does looking at recent work in one form of rendering.

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