[OSM-talk] Google has dual carriage way where it's not built yet

Polderrunner opn-osm at ngc7000.org
Thu Oct 8 19:56:23 BST 2009

Dave F. wrote:
> It might be worth contacting the developer. They might have plans that 
> they can let you copy.

Not sure you got my point (I should have used a smiley). I don't want to 
put anything into osm that is just lines on a blueprint in a drawer at 
the municipality. I map what's on the ground. When (if) those streets 
actually get built then I will map them.

TeleAtlas apparently got those plans from the municipality and promptly 
included them in their database as if those streets are already there. 
May lead to a few confused TomTom users in that area :-)

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