[OSM-talk] view blocks received?

MP singularita at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 13:00:36 BST 2009

> Actually, could someone explain how this is supposed to protect against
>  vandalism?
>  It appears that if an account is blocked, a vandal can simply create any
>  number of alternate accounts and continue his "work" - probably much
>  faster than anybody can hand out blocks.

Won't help much against determined attacker, but may deter some
drive-by vandals or experimentators (if the block will ensure also
short time block of new account creation from blocked user's IP, it
may be relatively effective). Also, it could be used to block bots
that start to break things due to some error - block first to stop
further damage from the bot if it is still running (even if you write
message to author right as you see the damage, it may take some tim
before he reads it and stops the bot, perhaps hour, perhaps even
more), then talk with bot author later to sort things out (and then
unblock the bot once author fixes it).

It is not 100% cure for all vandalism, but may be effective perhaps
for 80 or 90% of cases.


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