[OSM-talk] view blocks received?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Oct 10 18:31:47 BST 2009


Nop wrote:
> Actually, could someone explain how this is supposed to protect against 
> vandalism?
> It appears that if an account is blocked, a vandal can simply create any 
> number of alternate accounts and continue his "work" - probably much 
> faster than anybody can hand out blocks.

Yes, the initial draft of this feature called for a world wide hacking 
brigade to trace the user back to his residence and then alert the 
nearest OSM SWAT team to remove his internet connection. We also had a 
"three strikes and you're out" policy where we would save OSM from 
further vandalism by executing the individual responsible. However due 
to lack of funds and some sissies at OSMF who went on about adhering to 
the law, we couldn't implement that as designed.

Maybe after the UK general election.


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