[OSM-talk] Visual map for the blind

wynndale at lavabit.com wynndale at lavabit.com
Sun Oct 11 13:17:31 BST 2009

> Hello list members,
> starting today there is a visual slippy map displaying map features for
> the blind an visually impaired available in a beta testing state:
> http://freenet-homepage.de/rapunzely/OSM/blindmap.html
> Hobby cartographers without visual impairment can now check their
> contributions to the map for the blind, what will give them motivation.
> That is how the map will force the adding of tags relevant for tactile
> maps and navigation software for the blind as the next steps.
> The two tags "tactile paving" and "traffic_signals:sound" are
> already surprisingly often used.
> Thank you to all contributors!
> More tags will be added from time to time.
> Please spread this information to your interested friends
> and colleagues.
> Regards
> Lulu-Ann

A lot of people think crossing:sound is better. See:

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