[OSM-talk] Instead of voting

Patrick Kilian osm at petschge.de
Sun Oct 11 14:30:02 BST 2009


>> What exactly, in your opinion, should the talk list be used for
>> exactly, now that everything has been branched off to it's own list?
> From a quick scan through the last couple of months, perhaps stuff 
> like: feeds, Software Freedom Day, GPS in planes, 35 servers from 
> Wikimedia Foundation, persistence of ids, mugs, a campaign about Google 
> imagery, the Economist, Monopoly, the evolution of a map through time, a 
> countryside mapping tool, cartography, relations vs superways, what to 
> map first, OpenStreetView, getting field data, Poland, our own 
> satellite, translations, definitive maps, iPhones, coastline quality, 
> the amount of water on the planet, adjoining geometries, EGNOS, funny 
> posters, what "blocks" mean, maps for the blind, WMS, national 
> boundaries, the site title bar, national websites, expanding the API, 
> Bing, spam, Panogate, automatic simplification, GPS accuracy, search 
> engines indexing OSM, Local Chapters update, RC helicopters, 
> multipolygon rendering, meeting minutes, video surveying, historic 
> mapping, duplicate ways, and Twitter.
In short everything that is interesting to the general OSM community but
not long-winded enough to warrant a separate list.

Is that so hard to grasp, John?

Patrick "Petschge" Kilian

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