[OSM-talk] Instead of voting

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Sun Oct 11 15:04:27 BST 2009

Patrick Kilian wrote:
> Hi,
> In short everything that is interesting to the general OSM community but
> not long-winded enough to warrant a separate list.
> Is that so hard to grasp, John?
Your basing your argument on hindsight. Which is very easy to do.
Any of the topics /could /have developed into "long winded" (but 
/useful/) conversations.

The critics would have only complained /after /it had increased to an 
unacceptable size (for them)  & claim it shouldn't be posted here.
It's the size that's their problem not the content.
I've no idea why. Just ignore the ones that are too long for you too handle.

There's a problem of OSM forums becoming to disparate if it is split 
into too many sub-forums.

Dave F.

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