[OSM-talk] Instead of voting

Stephen Hope slhope at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 01:58:03 BST 2009

2009/10/11 Russ Nelson <nelson at crynwr.com>:
> Stephen Hope writes:
>  > However, I have seen proposals which have improved considerably after
>  > a little bit of feedback during the voting process.
> We now have a tagging mailing list for that.

Of course, and it's a good place to talk about these things, no
question.  So why don't you mention it?  This sounds like an "advice
for beginners list."  You need to cover what to do if they still have
any questions or doubts after reading the list you've made.  And
beginners, by definition, are less likely to know how to ask for help.
 Mentioning the tagging list, and any other options for getting some
quick feedback, can only help them out.


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