[OSM-talk] bot vandalism

Apollinaris Schoell aschoell at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 06:14:39 BST 2009

I know it has been discussed before but found a lot of broken data created
by bot bugbuster and this is important enough to bring it up again.
There was some lame response but never really an explanation what this bot
is doing. Some edits are correct others are not.
There is little information in the wiki that there has been some bug fixes.
But how can I know if the bot doesn't break my fixed data again.
Should we allow bots at all? Sure if they are useful and documented. But
there should be a need to do a quality check and review first before someone
is allowed to run a bot against the whole planet.
this bot does so many edits and it's very difficult to even find all the bad
edits in a flood of edits.
Is this a candidate for the new block feature to stop the bot until it's
clearly documented and approved by voting or an other form of agreement?

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