[OSM-talk] bot vandalism

Matthias Versen spam at mversen.de
Mon Oct 12 06:37:49 BST 2009

Apollinaris Schoell wrote:
> I know it has been discussed before but found a lot of broken data
> created by bot bugbuster and this is important enough to bring it up again.
> There was some lame response but never really an explanation what this
> bot is doing. Some edits are correct others are not.

Always include examples that are bad (changeset + relation/way/node ).

> There is little information in the wiki that there has been some bug
> fixes. But how can I know if the bot doesn't break my fixed data again.

What did the owner of the but answered ?

> Should we allow bots at all? Sure if they are useful and documented. But
> there should be a need to do a quality check and review first before
> someone is allowed to run a bot against the whole planet.

Should we allow to register everyone only with a valid email address and 
let him edit the whole planet with JOSM/potlatch/script without quality 
check ?
This new users are doing the same mistakes I did at the beginning and 
they often break valid data and they sometimes don't respond to emails 
if you have questions unlike the bot owner of that bot.

> this bot does so many edits and it's very difficult to even find all the
> bad edits in a flood of edits.

I have a flood of edits as well :

> Is this a candidate for the new block feature to stop the bot until it's
> clearly documented and approved by voting or an other form of agreement?

Provide examples, try to communicate with the owner of the bot and if 
you fail to find a solution with him and the other people agreeing he 
will be a candidate for a block.


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