[OSM-talk] FOSSGIS 2010 conference: Call for Papers

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Oct 13 16:35:40 BST 2009


    the Call for Papers for the FOSSGIS 2010 conference (2-5 March,
Osnabrueck, Germany) is out:


This conference is going to be the first major German OSM conference
(with a little bit of traditional Open Source GIS stuff at the beginning
;-). Tuesday and Wednesday will be more "traditional OS GIS" stuff and
Thursday and Friday will be dominated by OSM.

There will be social events on Tuesday and Thursday night.

It will be possible to extend the conference to Saturday if e.g. some
teams would like to hold a "coding sprint" or something, but we're
unlikely to have any talks on Saturday.

International visitors and speakers are welcome. The programme committee
has the following message for international speakers:

> FOSSGIS is a German-language conference primarily for a German
> audience. The program committee will, however, also consider
> applications for talks or workshops held in English if they are
> deeemed to add to the quality of the conference. So if you don't
> speak German, but are a FOSS/Open Data celebrity, or have a story
> that only you can tell, please do submit your talk. We are unlikely
> to be able to provide interpreters, but we'll make sure you don't get
> lost in Germany.

Submission of talks is done using the widely used "Pentabarf" software 
which defaults to German but can be switched to English by the 
submitting user:


For the OSM part, we're looking for all kinds of interesting talks - 
about mapping, about the use of OSM in various contexts, about cool bits 
of software you have written or why you think OSM is never going to 
work. We're planning to have 30-minute talks (including discussion) but 
if you need more time or less, just note it.

Please note that FOSSGIS is an Open Source conference. The programme 
committee will not normally consider talks that focus on proprietary 
software, although exceptions may be made when OSM is concerned ("How to 
use an $5k Illustrator Plugin to create nice OSM maps" would be such a 
corner case).

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, or put you in touch 
with the people who can.


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