[OSM-talk] OpenStreetBugs: shared database and translations

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Tue Oct 13 23:52:49 BST 2009

Mitja Kleider wrote:
> I am happy to announce that error reports are now stored in one single 
> database, no matter whether you are using the interface at 
> <http://openstreetbugs.org/> or at the Google hosted 
> <http://openstreetbugs.appspot.com/>.
Please forgive me if I'm not understanding correctly, but what is the 
purpose of this site?

I looked at the a couple of problems that were listed in my area.

It seems to me, if they know the problems then they know the solutions.
It would have taken less time for the poster to fix them himself rather 
than posting to this site asking others to it for them.

Or am I missing something?

This one seems worth while because even though it doesn't pick up 
everything, it automatically searches the database.

Dave F.

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