[OSM-talk] differences in how OpenCycleMap renders bicycle parking

Hillsman, Edward hillsman at cutr.usf.edu
Fri Oct 23 13:20:37 BST 2009

I have a question about how OpenCycleMap renders bicycle parking.


At this location (central London)




bicycle parking is rendered as a white "C"  on a blue background, with
the number of spaces (capacity=#) in blue below it. This holds at the
lowest zoom level that shows bicycle parking, and at all higher zoom


At this location (University of South Florida, Tampa)




bicycle parking is rendered as only a small blue square-ish dot. Again,
this holds at the lowest zoom level that shows bicycle parking, and at
all higher zoom levels. 


Can someone explain the reason for the difference? Is there something we
can do to get the London-style rendering in Tampa?


Our university's bicycle club is interested in mapping the bicycle
parking on campus and the surrounding area. As the club's faculty
advisor I've suggested they can do it using OSM. But we really would
like to see the capacity displayed as in the London example. For reasons
related to when various parts of the campus were built, there appears to
be a major imbalance in the availability of cycle parking between
sections of the campus, and the club would like to use the OpenCycleMap
to help document this (the university does not seem to have data on the
number and location of bicycle parking spaces on campus). I'm hoping
that this effort will get more students involved in OSM generally (and
thereby get the campus mapped more completely). I have the expertise and
tools to export the data from OSM into something that will render the
map the club wants, but I think the students will have greater ownership
in the project if they are able to get that map on their own, without
faculty technical expertise; so far, none of the students active in the
club has indicated having this kind of expertise.


I'd welcome answers to the question, and suggestions.




Edward L. Hillsman, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate

Center for Urban Transportation Research

University of South Florida

4202 Fowler Ave., CUT100

Tampa, FL  33620-5375

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813-974-5168 (fax)

hillsman at cutr.usf.edu <mailto:polzin at cutr.usf.edu>    

http://www.cutr.usf.edu <blocked::http://www.cutr.usf.edu/> 


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