[OSM-talk] Mountain Passes - Display Issue

Shalabh shalabh.w at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 19:27:59 GMT 2009


Just to bring to the group's notice. I added a few mountain passes a couple
of days ago along with the hiking trails and waypoints

Indrahar Pass at N32 17.852 E76 22.872, elevation 4342 metres
Jalsu Pass at N32 10.929 E76 41.018, elevation 3425 metres
Bhubhu Pass at N31 57.557 E76 59.684, elevation 2791 metres
Himri Pass at N32 02.299 E77 02.958, elevation 3261 metres

When I now check on OSM, while the trails are there along with the
waypoints, the passes are missing. However, when I download data from OSM
using JOSM, I can see the passes along with the elevations.

Any clue whats the reason for not displaying on the renderer?

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