[OSM-talk] differences in how OpenCycleMap renders bicycle parking

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 23:16:29 GMT 2009

2009/10/27 Shaun McDonald <shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk>

> I'm aware of the mapnik-stylesheet, but the question was for the
> cyclemap-stylesheet.
> The cycle map and nonames stylesheets are not publicly available.
> so maybe free cyclemap would be a better name than open? Not that I have
any problem with the stylesheet not beeing released, but I find it somehow
strange to promote it on the main project website/map, as open in
Openstreetmap has a different meaning than free in free beer, as we like to
say to everyone interested. The other two styles are publicly available and
can be modified and improved by everyone. IMHO that should be the condition
for being on the main map.

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