[OSM-talk] differences in how OpenCycleMap renders bicycle parking

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Sat Oct 24 13:18:44 BST 2009

Jonathan Bennett wrote:
> Dave F. wrote:
>> Could it be possible to change the render a the highest detail level or 
>> two, to display the C+number. In the example you give it they would 
>> certainly fit.
> Dave,
> This isn't aimed at you specifically, but you've raised a common point
> which needs clarifying.
As it's a reply to me & you mention me by name I'm going to assume 
you're speaking directly to me.
> OpenCycleMap is a project by two members of the OSM community
> (gravitystorm and randomjunk). It's great that people like it and find
> it useful, and it's a fantastic example of what you can do with OSM
> besides producing a general purpose map with everything on it.
I was under the impression that anybody with the relevant skills would 
be able to contribute & not just "two"
> However, it doesn't use any OSMF resources -- In essence it's their map.
> While I'm sure they're happy to receive suggestions (I've even given
> them one myself)
So your saying, you can, but I can't!!
> , they have no obligation to make the map fit anyone's
> needs but their own.
I never suggested otherwise. Please, don't put words into my mouth.
> Remember that it's done by people in their spare time, using resources
> they've begged, borrowed and stolen for themselves. If you think you
> have a need for a similar, but different map you're free to make one.
So we'd have a proliferation of cycle maps. That would be a waste of 
time & effort.
> That's what OSM's for, and if you need pointers on how do make your own
> map, the community will help, providing you're prepared to help
> yourself. But please, please don't expect someone else to change their
> own efforts just to suit you.
I wasn't!!
Seeing I wasn't the OP I can hardly see how you could conclude my 
suggestions were.

I didn't make demands & was not expecting, as you appear to think.
I'm fully entitled to ask pertinent, polite questions about any OSM project.
I'm also entitled to make suggestions which I think might improve a 
project. If the maps creators don't think it's a good idea, then fair 

Unless you're able to answer these questions then may I suggest you keep 
your ill conceived thoughts to yourself.

Dave F.

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