[OSM-talk] Mapping islands question

Jeremy Adams milenko at king-nerd.com
Wed Oct 28 00:11:10 GMT 2009

> Hello,
> I'm trying to fix Hutchinson Island, Florida (
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=27.526&lon=-80.2964&zoom=14&layers=B000FTF)
> and the main issue is that the island's coastlines were very wrong. (Roads
> off the coast, the coastline at one point crossed over itself as a
> figure-eight, etc.) And I've made these changes and made sure that the
> coasts were connected and running counter-clockwise, but the changes don't
> appear -- but the streets and other changes that I've made while doing this
> have appeared.
> Am I doing something wrong with setting up the islands? Or are coastlines
> rendered on a different schedule (not "real time") and so I need to wait
> until later in the week to see whether it's fixed or not?
> Thanks,
> Joe
> I'm fairly certain that Mapnik only updated coastlines during the weekly
updated.  If you check the Osmarender view of the slippy map it should
update within at most 2 hours from when you made your edits.  I'd check to
see, but the osm main page isn't responding for me atm.

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