[OSM-talk] importing shapefile data to OSM

John Callahan john.callahan at UDel.Edu
Wed Oct 28 18:57:15 GMT 2009

I have some polygon data (building footprints) and point data (places of 
interest) that I'd like to get into OSM.  I've played around with 
Potlatch over the years, and have plenty of GIS and IT experience, but 
want to get more involved in contributing to OSM.

For the polygons, there are about 100+ building footprints in a 
shapefile.  What would be a recommended way to load those into OSM?  
I've just started to play with JOSM and the QGIS plugin.  Ideally, I'd 
like to overlay my data (shapefiles) with OSM data locally, put as 
background some WMS services or other imagery (public domain, of 
course!), make any necessary edits, then upload to OSM.

Any recommended software?   Anything I should watch out for?  Two things 
I can think of are 1) edit my attribute columns to match OSM tags where 
possible, and 2) check to see if these data already exist in OSM (they 
don't for the polys and some do for the points.)   Thanks for any advice!

- John

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